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Best Deal to Buy FOCUS V CARTA 1 2 Glass Top Water Bubbler Attachment Replacement

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Carta 2 is the updated versin of carta 1 by Focus V team, if you are looking for a good electronic dab rig, focus v carta 2 is a good choice, it is one of the best electronic dab rigs on the martket, it is easy to use with advanced features, today i will recommend some useful focusv carta 2 glass attachement for you.

The glass bubbler top attachment is the main accessory for carta 2 focus v, below are 3 different glass accesories for carta 2, including 2 warer bubblers glasses and also the WPA water pipe bong adapter for focus v carta 2. With the WPA kit, you can use any bong pipe glass with your carta easily.

Original Focus V Carta 2 glass top glass attachment
Bent Neck Version Glass Bubbler water piece for carta 2
WPA water pipe bong glass adapter kit for carta 2

My recommendation: if you want to buy a glass bubbler, just choose the bent neck one which is a perfect upgrade for the original glass. If you already have some bongs or other glasses, you can order the WPA glass kit, it comes with the 10mm/14mm/18mm 3 in 1 adapter so it can work on any of your glass bongs.

How to use them

It is very easy to use them, for the custom glass top replacement, just put them into the carta 2 device to replace the old one. And for the WPA kit, One end connect to the carta device, the othe end is a 3 in 1 adapter which connect to any 10/14/18mm glass bongs rigs.

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